Elke Scholiers is a Belgian art director, graphic designer and photographer. She partners closely with international brands, individuals and cultural institutions to elevate their communication through both digital and physical matter. From 2015 till 2020 Elke was based in Beijing. Before joining the design firm meat as a creative partner, she worked as a senior designer at the design firm 2x4 in Beijing. Clients include NBA, Adidas, Prada, Bao Nguyen and Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture.

Elke has photographed for publications such as Volkskrant, The Washington Post, Trouw, Knack, and directed for Vogue Film China. In the past years, Elke's photographic work covers China related issues, such as China's relations with its neighbours. Today, she focuses on humanitarian consequences as a result of geopolitics. She's also a visiting lecturer in the HNC Fashion Management course at the Beijing Academy of Creative Arts, part of University of Arts London since 2018. She speaks English, Dutch, French and Chinese.

Elke has a masters in Graphic Design and studied Chinese at the National University of Taipei. She's currently enrolled in the Visual Journalism program at ICP, New York.

Previously Elke was based in Beijing, China. Elke is currently in New York and Brussels.

For more information and proposals, please email info@elkescholiers.com


WA: +32 474 750893
Phone: +1 352 999 3527 (Currently in US)

Elke Scholiers

Graphic Design / Photography